EAA Chapter 1138

Hanford Municipal Airport (KHJO)
Hanford, California, USA   93230

March 30, 2020 Update: In light of the latest Coronavirus developments, I am canceling the April 18, 2020 Breakfast and Display Day.  If the situation dramatically improves, and we can host a breakfast and aircraft displays, this page will be the first to have that information.

March 18, 2020 Update: In response to Coronavirus concerns, I have canceled our Breakfast and Display Day scheduled on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

At this point it is not rescheduled.  Also, considering that most authorities are saying it will probably get worse before it gets better, be sure to check for updates before coming to the April 18, 2020 event.

March 4, 2020 Update: In response to seeing our display day on various aviation calendars, I have received several calls asking, "Are you still doing breakfasts and Display Days?"

Yes, we are!

One caller noted that it looked like nothing has happened since 2015, and I can see their point.  The webmaster, me, has not updated this page in a while.  After I set up tables and chairs for the morning I used to be free to go out and photograph the airplanes, but now I find myself more in the kitchen, go-fer, etc., and I just don't get out to get the pictures.

Breakfasts and Display Days are scheduled for every third Saturday, February through November.  Due to iffy weather--and the workers deciding they wanted a break--we have decided that we will not hold a breakfast and Display Day in December and January.

So, come join us third Saturdays, February through November!

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The public is cordially invited to Hanford Municipal Airport, "KHJO," on the third Saturday of each month, February through November, for a free look at Vintage Aircraft, sponsored by EAA Chapter 1138 in Hanford, CA.

Along with the Aircraft Display, a breakfast will be available between 8:30 and 10:30, with a suggested donation of $5.00 per person.

The aircraft are always displayed outside the main airport ramp, by the largest hangar on the airport..

Most people seem to think that we put on a pretty good breakfast.  Our typical breakfast is shown below, but in 2020, new chefs are wanting to try new items.
2015-01-17-094946-plate.jpg (110653 bytes)

Breakfasts are normally held outside, on the lawn under shade trees or umbrellas, in front of the main ramp.

diners-2013-05-18-084019.jpg (48973 bytes)

diners-2014-04-19a.jpg (93478 bytes)

diners-2014-04-19d.jpg (83106 bytes)

In inclement weather the breakfast is moved into the Chapter ClubHouse, at the southwest corner of the airport.
2014-12-20-100808-clubhouse.jpg (122252 bytes)

ramp-2012-07-21.jpg (28919 bytes)

ramp-2013-02-16f.jpg (23733 bytes)

ramp-2013-02-16r.jpg (23360 bytes)

ramp-2013-03-16f.jpg (27980 bytes)

ramp-2013-03-16r.jpg (27346 bytes)

ramp-2014-08-16-091500.jpg (37608 bytes)


pietenpol-nx414mv-2013-08-1.jpg (68746 bytes)

pietenpol-nx414mv-2013-12-a.jpg (63402 bytes)

pietenpol-nx414mv-2013-12-2.jpg (52746 bytes)

staggerwing-nc79091-2012-05.jpg (52382 bytes)

staggerwing-nc79091-2014-08.jpg (122750 bytes)

aeronca-nxxxx-2012-04-21-09.jpg (54359 bytes)

aeronca-n81595-2012-06-16.jpg (48831 bytes)

stearman-n68135-2012-07-21.jpg (59481 bytes)

stearman-n690b-2013-08-17.jpg (77090 bytes)

stearman-243.jpg (61474 bytes)

t6-2012-07-21.jpg (40369 bytes)

dehaviland-n53656-2013-02-1.jpg (58853 bytes)

yak-n352yk-2013-12-21-11333.jpg (66773 bytes)

taylorcraft-n96718-2013-07-.jpg (39106 bytes)


cub-n4870h-2014-07-19-09270.jpg (81087 bytes)

n6913-2012-02-18-092256.jpg (67427 bytes)

cub-n9217h.jpg (59567 bytes)
The plane above and below this caption are the same plane.  Above was as it made its first appearance, below is after a restoration to its almost original configuration...it actually served in W.W.II.
cub-n9217h-2014-11-22-13584.jpg (64304 bytes)

cub-n9466p.jpg (61014 bytes)

cub-n755sc.jpg (62810 bytes)

cub-n220h-2012-06-02.jpg (43998 bytes)

cub-n9136d.jpg (64742 bytes)


luscombe-nc1298b-2014-10-18.jpg (52989 bytes)

luscombe-nc2375k-2013-03-16.jpg (85053 bytes)

luscombe-n22013-2014-08-16-.jpg (53486 bytes)

t34-N40280-2012-02-18-09543.jpg (40844 bytes)

t34-n134lm-2013-09-21-08444.jpg (51878 bytes)

t34-n134lm-2013-09-21-10065.jpg (92011 bytes)

thorp-t18-n18nh-2012-06-02.jpg (51039 bytes)

thorp-t18-n25801-2013-09-21.jpg (58234 bytes)

captain-n40mr-2014-07-19-09.jpg (62316 bytes)

zodiac-n6247a-2014-11-15-11.jpg (38474 bytes)

zenith-n644am-2013-04-20.jpg (56210 bytes)

ultralight-2014-04-19-08532.jpg (65003 bytes)

ultralight-2014-08-16-08392.jpg (77703 bytes)

ez-n64mc-2014-12-20-092605-.jpg (52493 bytes)

bushplane-nx875r-2014-11-22.jpg (35653 bytes)

bushplane-nx375p-2012-06-02.jpg (40967 bytes)

rocket-n156hr.jpg (52708 bytes)

experimental-n493db-2013-03.jpg (56985 bytes)

rv4-n506dc-2014-04-19-08444.jpg (60965 bytes)

rv4-n66gr-2013-07-20-085235.jpg (53570 bytes)

rv4-n66rv-2013-12-21-102041.jpg (48813 bytes)

rv6a-n638eh-2014-11-15-0955.jpg (48079 bytes)

rv6-n241je-2012-07-21.jpg (45250 bytes)

rv6-n507rh-2013-11-16-09280.jpg (57574 bytes)

rv6-n88mv-2014-11-22-134350.jpg (52934 bytes)

rv7a-n892pt-2012-05-19-0849.jpg (40060 bytes)

rv8-n427ef2012-06-02.jpg (51627 bytes)

rv10-n326jl-2013-09-21-1005.jpg (59401 bytes)

rv10-n410pj-2013-12-21-1019.jpg (64531 bytes)

rv10-n576rd-2012-04-21-0926.jpg (54493 bytes)

kitfox-n235tj-2014-03-15-08.jpg (57607 bytes)

lancair-n540es-2014-11-22-1.jpg (39124 bytes)

lancair-n588s-2012-02-18--0.jpg (57501 bytes)

lamboda-n871lp-2013-10-19-0.jpg (40341 bytes)

lambada-n495vp-2012-02-18-0.jpg (38329 bytes)

valor-n710fp-2014-10-18-090.jpg (49220 bytes)

maule-n666ps-2012-06-02.jpg (47964 bytes)

mooney-n2605w-2012-11-17.jpg (38454 bytes)

mooney-n7760m-2012-05-19-08.jpg (39323 bytes)

grumman-n45211-2014-01-18.jpg (45454 bytes)

grumman-n9644u-2014-12-20-1.jpg (57806 bytes)

sundowner-n2105w-2014-03-15.jpg (67311 bytes)

sundowner-n6507r-2012-05-19.jpg (35621 bytes)

citabria-n11078-2012-04-21-.jpg (55946 bytes)

citabria-N57469-2012-02-18-.jpg (61401 bytes)

citabria-n8704v-2013-08-17.jpg (54284 bytes)

citabria-n30wh-2013-12-21-1.jpg (70229 bytes)

diamond-n61wr-2012-07-21.jpg (36519 bytes)

cirrus-n6005l-2014-11-22-13.jpg (43379 bytes)

2014-03-15cherokee-n6727j-0.jpg (46601 bytes)

cherokee-n1405x-2012-05-19-.jpg (39389 bytes)

cherokee-n298pw-2013-02-16.jpg (45919 bytes)

cherokee-n39512-2013-09-21-.jpg (44153 bytes)

cherokee-n6843w-2012-05-19-.jpg (54406 bytes)

cherokee-n8069w-2012-07-21.jpg (42791 bytes)

cherokee-n8069w-2013-04-20.jpg (106070 bytes)

cherokee-n9425w-2014-08-16-.jpg (61267 bytes)

cherokee-n95420-2013-12-21-.jpg (61416 bytes)

cherokee-n9701w-2014-04-19-.jpg (62860 bytes)

cherokeedakota-n8140q-2013-.jpg (52880 bytes)

arrow-n2136p-2012-06-02.jpg (58525 bytes)

aztec-n49bm-2013-12-21-1134.jpg (37473 bytes)

bonanza-n135ww-2013-05-18-0.jpg (57111 bytes)

bonanza-n224kf-2013-10-19-0.jpg (62728 bytes)

bonanza-n22qw-2013-10-19-09.jpg (72525 bytes)

bonanza-n2mt-2014-03-15-082.jpg (60766 bytes)

bonanza-n3074v-2014-04-19-0.jpg (36832 bytes)

bonanza-n341z-2014-12-20-094543.jpg (44709 bytes)

bonanza-n3975n-2013-07-20-0.jpg (48686 bytes)

bonanza-n400p-2014-01-18.jpg (40898 bytes)

bonanza-n4215b-2014-11-22-1.jpg (50871 bytes)

bonanza-n4326y-2013-08-17.jpg (48655 bytes)

bonanza-n45sm-2014-02-15-10.jpg (37655 bytes)

bonanza-n5062h-2014-11-15-1.jpg (39511 bytes)

bonanza-n5151c-2013-04-20.jpg (51005 bytes)

bonanza-n5714k-2013-03-16.jpg (51326 bytes)

bonanza-n5725v-2014-08-16-0.jpg (73071 bytes)

bonanza-n602b-2014-08-16-08.jpg (57755 bytes)

bonanza-n78dc-2014-08-16-0.jpg (74173 bytes)

bonanza-n8295y-2014-10-18-1.jpg (42661 bytes)

bonanza-n8943u-2013-02-16.jpg (38861 bytes)

bonanza-n927t-2012-05-19-08.jpg (64977 bytes)

bonanza-n944rm-2012-06-02.jpg (53147 bytes)

120-nc77244-2013-10-19-0940.jpg (47298 bytes)

150-n4069u-2012-04-21-09441.jpg (65092 bytes)

170-n3207a-2012-11-17.jpg (56104 bytes)

170-n8225a-2012-07-21.jpg (39112 bytes)

190-n190-2012-05-19-085523.jpg (46532 bytes)

skyhawk-n172jt-2013-11-16-1.jpg (38641 bytes)

skyhawk-n5268h-2014-12-20-0.jpg (35646 bytes)

skyhawk-n5832j-2013-03-16.jpg (60361 bytes)

skyhawk-n64345-2012-02-18-0.jpg (57126 bytes)

skyhawk-n6800x-2013-08-17.jpg (73784 bytes)

skyhawk-n734Qv-2012-04-21-0.jpg (56296 bytes)

skyhawks3-2013-09-21-101719.jpg (31061 bytes)

skyhawk-n738dj-2013-09-21-1.jpg (63390 bytes)

skyhawk-n6988x-2014-11-15-0.jpg (58961 bytes)

skyhawk-n7391t-2012-02-18--.jpg (53041 bytes)

skyhawk-n8105u-2014-07-19-0.jpg (60662 bytes)

skyhawk-n7622g-2013-11-16-1.jpg (68483 bytes)

cardinal-n19748-2013-05-18-.jpg (45756 bytes)

cardinal-n29481-2012-11-17.jpg (35608 bytes)

skywagon-n6413x-2014-03-15-.jpg (64282 bytes)

skywagon-n9252c-2012-11-17.jpg (45164 bytes)

skylane-n1680r-2013-03-16.jpg (55771 bytes)

skylane-n3062f-2012-07-21.jpg (33693 bytes)

skylane-n3105s-2012-05-19-0.jpg (49804 bytes)

skylane-n3161s-2013-11-16-1.jpg (36922 bytes)

skylane-n5747b-2014-04-19-0.jpg (42953 bytes)

skylane-n759qn-2013-07-20-0.jpg (40822 bytes)

skylane-n92106-2014-03-15-0.jpg (61513 bytes)

skywagon-n4656f-2013-10-19-.jpg (39338 bytes)

centurion-c-fgpi-2012-06-02.jpg (52805 bytes)

centurion-n6591n-2013-05-18.jpg (82024 bytes)

centurion-n6798m-2014-04-19.jpg (43757 bytes)

centurion-n94086-2012-02-18.jpg (68211 bytes)

centurion-n9982y-2013-02-16.jpg (48800 bytes)

310-n310ww-2013-05-18-10240.jpg (42808 bytes)